Syslog Junction

In simple terms, Syslog Junction is a syslog viewer with graphing capabilities. It can receive syslog messages from a server that are filtered and plotted in graphical format.

Although messages from any Syslog server can be received, currently a parser is only available for Cisco PIX firewalls. Parsers for other sources will be created in the future.

Why should I use Syslog Junction

If you are a network administrator and want to know the volume of traffic through your PIX firewall, you can use Syslog Junction.

How does it work?

  • You install Syslog Junction on any machine within your network. Supported operating systems are Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X
  • Syslog Junction installs as Service on Windows or as daemon on Unix, listens for incoming syslog messages from a device (currently only PIX firewall) and plots the data in tabular and graphical formats
  • Configure your PIX firewall to send log messages to the machine where Syslog Junction is installed
  • Use a browser on any machine to view the traffic report. The interface is entirely web-based and therefore, you can view the reports from any machine that has a browser

How much does it cost?

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Screen shots

Main Screen

Syslog Junction main screen

Detail view for a machine

Syslog Junction main screen

Live Monitor Syslog Junction main screen

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