Watch Dog

Watch Dog is a free service provided by us that periodically checks your Web and Email server to see if they are responding.

How does it work

  • Our servers ping your server every 15 minutes
  • If any of your server does not respond, retry attempt are made for the next 5 minutes - one attempt per minute.
  • If these attempts fail our system generates an email notifying you about the problem. This notification email can be sent to a mobile phone or a pager.
  • Every week you will get a report via email with a summary of all pings to your server(s)


Since the incremental cost of adding your server to this service is almost negligible, we can offer it for free. Bottom line - we don't have to pay anyone, we don't charge you either.


Our servers will ping your server every 15 minutes. This interval cannot be changed (at least for the time being).

How do I signup?

Fill out the form below to signup

Domain name: This is the domain name you wish to monitor. For example:
Following values are incorrect
  • - Do not include the protocol.
  • - www is a sub-domain. Your domain name does not include 'www'
Your email address: IMPORANT: You MUST use an email address that belongs to the same domain you wish to monitor.

A confirmation email will be sent to this e-mail address with further instructions on how to activate your account.

Why do we ask for your email address?

In the past we've had instances where people have signed up for someone else's domains. By verifying your email address we make sure that you are a legitimate user for the requested domain.

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