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NOTE: We now offer two solution for using rsync on Windows: We recommend checking both of them to see which works best for you. Click here to see differences.

Question: What type of logging is available in DeltaCopy
Answer: Besides the logging options available in Rsync, DeltaCopy provides two additional logs:
  1. deltac.log - available on DeltaCopy client
  2. DeltaService.log - available on DeltaCopy server

deltac.log file contains information about the DeltaCopy client. It logs a message when a profile is run and notifications emails are sent to the user.

DeltaService.log is available where DeltaCopy server is installed and contains messages when service is started or stopped.

It is important to know that rsync supports additional logging that can be configured by specifying additional parameters either on DeltaCopy client or server. Please refer to rsync documentation for more information about logging options available for rsync.

When rsync.exe is executed in the back-ground by DeltaCopy, it generates status messages which are sent to standard output. DeltaCopy captures these messages and sends them via email.

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