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NOTE: We now offer two solution for using rsync on Windows: We recommend checking both of them to see which works best for you. Click here to see differences.

Question: How do I uninstall / unregister DeltaCopy Server Service
Answer: Follow the steps below to unregister DeltaCopy service with the OS. IMPORTANT: This method does not remove any files, all it does is modifies some registry settings so that the Windows OS does not treat DeltaCopy as a Windows Service.
  1. Stop the service if it is running in the background. This can be done either from DeltaCopy Server application or from Windows Control Panel.
  2. Open a Console (DOS) window
  3. Using the cd command, change the directory to location where DeltaCopy is installed
  4. Type the following at the prompt:
You should get a message confirming the removal of this service.

To reinstall the service, type:


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