New features in version 1.4

Release date: November 23, 2009

Following is a list of features that were added in version 4.1

Permission switch Many folks have run into permission issues on the server. This version add
to the rsync command line automatically saving many headaches related to permission problems.

Verbose Logging Ability to turn off verbose logging, which generates smaller notification emails.

The following image display these two new options.

New options in 1.4
Flush log to disk The earlier version used to send the execution log via email. Version 1.4 saves a log to the local disk as well. Each log is saved to a different file containing a timestamp and profile name as part of the file name. Save log to disk

Vista and Windows 7 friendly Both DeltaCopy Client and Server require Administrative privileges on the machine. Appropriate manifest have been added to both DeltaCopy Client and Server, which brings up the UAC prompt in Windows Vista. This prompt will only appear on machines where UAC is enabled.

Once the user clicks Okay to the UAC prompt, they will be able to start/stop DeltaCopy service right from the GUI. Earlier versions required the user to manage service through Windows Control Panel.

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